Stories to get you reacquainted with Tewa language and tradition

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Prayer for Learning Tewa

Posejemu di Khaege nan'

"Holy Spirit help us"

Navi ponbee din huu'

"Open our minds to learn"

Ping ta' geri haa ta' geri

"With our heart and soul (breath)"

Navi Tewa hi:tun o haa puwi di'

"So we can learn our Tewa Language"

Nanbii wowatsi a:gin ee huu wi'

"To carry our lives with respect"

Heranho nambi Tewa khuu wi-ee wehuuwi pi'

"So we won't lose our Tewa Culture (ways)"

Nae Kha'P'oo Owingeh

"Here at Santa Clara Pueblo"

Important Words Used in the Stories

Saa Povi - Prickly pear cactus flower; Corn tassel.

Khuun - Corn.

O’ta ami - Grinding.

Thaa? di - Tomorrow.

Nae herendi - Morning.

Nava - Field.

Khuun ko? gi-o' - Plant.

Pae - Deer.

Maatuing - Family.

P'ingkw'aje - Mountain Top.

Owinge - Village.

Buwah - Paper thin blue corn meal bread.

What is this program?

This project was developed by a group of four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with Honor Our Pueblo Existence and The Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute. Our goal was to: assist our sponsors in supplementing their existing Tewa language and cultural curriculum by developing a platform where the people of the pueblo community can learn the foundations of the Tewa language and better connect with their heritage.