“How We Go Home”

How We Go Home Voices from Indigenous North America by Sara Sinclair features H.O.P.E.’s founder Marian Naranjo.

“I went outside-our house was at the end of our road-and I threw my cornmeal.  I looked up as I’d just finished, “Help me to keep open to what you send me,” and I’ll be darned, people in a car saw me out there and stopped, and they said, “Oh, we’re from back east, and we came here to Santa Clar and the pots are so expensive. “We’re looking for very inexpensive pieces that we can tak ehome to remind us of our trip.” And it was like, Oh” I got it, you know.  From that day, I started living like that.  Every day. And thins would happen like magic all the time.” 

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How We Go Home